Boho Design For A Deserving Family

I was contacted because there was a local family that could use Interior Design services. A woman was recently widowed with 6 young boys. I knew that this would be the perfect family to serve. While meeting with the recent widow she explained to me that she had not slept in her room since her husband passed away over 6 months ago. She wanted a different vibe and feel in the room before she could rest in the room.

After our consultation I knew that bright, light, and airy would be the way to go. She told me that Yellow was one of her favorite colors and that she would like to incorporate that into the design. The end result was a space that looked nothing like the before. A place that had a different vibe and energy.

“When my husband ┬ápassed away… you can imagine that sleeping in my room would be difficult. I stopped sleeping in my room for nearly six months… couldn’t go in. Kept the door closed and it was starting to look like a storage room. Creatives Helping People is a non profit organization that stepped in with their design services and gave my bedroom a makeover Praise due to God. Last night I had super awesome sleep and felt such a fresh new energy in my room”

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